An affiliate of Keiretsu Forum, the world's leading angel network (2nd most active venture investor in the USA and 5th globally), Keiretsu Capital's mission is to create funds that leverage its unique network, relationships and capabilities.

Current funds include the angel co-investment funds which each provide a diversified portfolio of technology start-ups backed by top tier angel groups, the real estate fund focused on generating yield, and the venture fund which selectively invests in follow-on rounds for those companies showing significant growth potential.


Provide Access To Proprietary Deal Flow

Provide Limited Partners access to proprietary deal flow by investing alongside top tier angels, providing additional capital to complete rounds and acting as follow-on capital where appropriate.

Increase Portfolio Company Value

Increase the value of investments by presenting portfolio companies to investors including syndicate members, venture capitalists, corporate investors, and the public markets.

Create Investment Liquidity

Develop liquidity for investments by both facilitating members who wish to buy and sell, and by introducing members to non-members who may wish to buy specific investment positions.


46 chapters and over 2,500 angel investors on three continents.

Keiretsu Forum is a global angel investor network supporting our portfolio companies with equity and resources worldwide.  With chapters in North America, Europe and Asia, Keiretsu Forum has invested more than $750 million in over 1,000 fundings since inception, and backed over 120 companies in 2015.  

Keiretsu is the 2nd most active venture investor in the USA and 5th globally.


PORTFOLIO Resource Partners

Keiretsu Capital negotiates beneficial resource arrangements on behalf of its portfolio companies


In addition to the resource partners shown above, Keiretsu Forum maintains a powerful network of more than 80 sponsors, resource members and partners who provide access to deal flow, deep expertise to evaluate opportunities and capabilities to assist entrepreneurs launch and grow their companies.  

The full list of such sponsors and partners can be found by clicking this link

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