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Global Ventures Summit, Los Angeles

Silicon Valley Meets Hollywood!

GVS: Silicon Valley Tours The World.

Featuring keynote by Keiretsu Capital/Fifth Era's Matthew Le Merle!

Silicon Valley funds and metors the world on the first world tour. Global Ventures Summit seeks to level the playing field and support the best business ideas, startups and entrepreneurs coming out of every city on the planet. After our first GVS success in Bali we will focus on GVS LA to make more funding available to US and global Entrepreneurs, specially in Hollywood. GVS will bring successful entrepreneurs and investors to meet – and fund - the next generation of global startup founders.

There is no more tech sector, only tech-supported businesses, specially in Hollywood and the entertianment industry. Every business is now a perpetual startup. Anyone with an idea and solid follow through is an entrepreneur. No matter where you are in the world, incredible new business ideas are cropping up each day. More Startups are set to attract over $100B in Venture Capital by 2020.

These two days in LA will cross-pollinate ideas, cultural knowledge and investment dollars to keep Silicon Valley nimble and more create teams funded.

Get in front of the line at GVS.

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