Colette Courtion, JoyLux Inc.

CEO and Founder of Joylux Inc.

As Colette Courtion says about being a woman and a mother, “There are so many amazing, wonderful things about us. We’re strong, resourceful, and adaptable. But as incredible as it all may be, some unfortunate physical changes occur after we give birth, and even as we age. Most women learn to live with them, but they can lead to bigger problems that affect both us and our partners.”

That’s why Colette was inspired to explore new ways to help women address these physical changes. Her background in beauty and technology inspired her to team up with some incredibly smart people to found her newest company, Joylux Inc., to provide solutions for mothers and all women experiencing pelvic floor issues. Colette has made it her mission to develop innovative health and wellness products that empower women to embrace their health and reveal their inner beauty and confidence. After all, nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman. With that in mind, Joylux Inc. is launching its first product, vSculpt, an at-home device that helps address pelvic floor issues.

Prior to founding Joylux, Colette launched Calidora Skin Clinics, a leading anti-aging skin clinic and a top 1% provider of Botox treatments in the country. With 8 clinics and more than 250,000 treatments performed (not to mention gazillions of clear-skinned smiles), she built a trusted retail brand that stood for high-quality treatments and products delivered with outstanding customer service (with an impressive 98% satisfaction rating).

Colette began her career in finance at PepsiCo and Maveron (a Seattle venture capital firm) before heading to Starbucks. As a marketing executive for Starbucks, she was responsible for creating and patenting the Duetto Card, named by Business Week as 2003’s Best Product of the Year, while running the largest and most successful retail store value card and loyalty program in the US, the Starbucks Card. She earned a BA in economics from the University of Washington and an MBA from the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University.

Colette is no wallflower either—Puget Sound Business Journal named her as one of the Top 15 Women of Influence in Seattle (2009) and Top 40 Under 40 leaders in Seattle (2006), and when it comes to philanthropic causes she believes in, Colette will do just about anything…even if it means donning a blue leotard and 6-inch stilettos to impersonate Lady Gaga in front of 500 people at a Plymouth Housing Group event to raise awareness for homelessness in Seattle.