Gordon Skene, Phytonix Corporation

Mr. Gordon Skene – Chairman & Executive Vice President and Director

Mr. Skene has a broad range of experience in the management, strategic direction, corporate governance, and financing of emerging companies in the technology sector, and has served as a director of many technology companies. He has acted as President, CEO, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer of many early stage technology companies.  Before joining Phytonix in 2015, he was the CEO of an environmental technology company where he gained 10 years of experience in waste-to-energy, renewable fuels, waste water treatment, and greenhouse gas reduction. Prior to that, he was the founder & CEO of a $35 million venture capital fund. Mr. Skene has raised more than $150 million of equity for early stage technology companies. As the Director of Corporate Finance for Canada’s largest forest products company, he raised $500 million of equity and long term debt, and arranged over $1.5 billion of long term bank loans and credit facilities.  Mr. Skene has extensive expertise in corporate finance, including project financing, public equity and debt markets, private equity, government funding, banking, investment banking and acquisitions.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree (physics and economics) and a Master of Science in Business Administration degree (Transportation and Finance) from the University of British Columbia.