Phillip Yin, Newsroom Investments

As an accomplished and passionate speaker on topics of Int'l trade, Global Politics, Economics, and Global Communications, Phillip is a seasoned and experienced member of the business community and is currently running for Bellevue City Council. He was an International Anchor for CNBC Television, Bloomberg Television, CGTN Washington D.C., and Seattle's Q13 Fox News and also launched CGTN America in Washington D.C. as the global business anchor focused on global business, politics, and economics. He’s conducted over 4500+ interviews, including coverage of the 2012 U.S. Presidential elections. Additionally, he launched Charles Schwab's portfolio management business in Hong Kong and managed the Swiss-based Unifund. Following Lehman’s bankruptcy, Phillip also helped lead and investigate the credit derivatives mess which later led to the recovery of $1.8 billion on behalf of over 40,000 individual investors.