Navid Alipour, Analytics Ventures

Navid Alipour is Co-founder and Managing Partner at Analytics Ventures, a Venture Formation Fund focused on starting new ventures with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) at their core.

Prior to co-founding Analytics Ventures, Mr. Alipour founded La Costa Investment Group, making targeted investments in multiple AI based companies, bringing them from inception to success, including CureMetrix and Curematch, His proven track record of identifying the top tier scientists and academics, experts in their respective fields - and then empowering them to turn their research into viable businesses- is the effective basis of Analytics Ventures.  That finesse, coupled with Alipour’s ability to unite angel investors with venture opportunities within the AV fund, produces entities with the highest use and best return potential of their domains.

Mr. Alipour serves on the Board of Tech San Diego where he is recognized for his role as a key player in developing San Diego’s now thriving eco-system. He is also on the boards of CureMetrix, AV Lab, Kazuhm, & AdTheos. His passion and clarity of thought on the topics of venture capital and entrepreneurship, make him a sought-after panelist, judge, speaker and moderator at forums such as UCSD, USD, SDSU, CyberHive, HeraHub, MIT Forum, RSNA, U.S. News STEM Conference, and CONNECT.

Mr. Alipour holds a BA from UC San Diego, and a JD/MBA from the University of San Diego.