Many angel backed companies are difficult for non-angel investors to access, and few angels invest directly in more than a handful of companies a year. As a result, it is difficult for most investors to build a diversified and balanced investment portfolio from angel backed emerging companies.



Co-investment funds were developed in the 1980’s and have since gained global popularity by enabling investors to access and invest in the privileged deal flow of other entities including governments, private equity investors, and angel networks.  At Keiretsu Capital we develop and operate a family of co-investment funds each of which gains access to underlying investments which have been demonstrated to have good return prospects and then group them into funds in order to create broad diversification across the respective sectors and strategies.


Studies conducted by independent researchers show angel backed company investors participating in organized angel groups achieved an average internal rate of return of 27 percent on their investments. To read more about the returns of Angels investing in groups visit the Angel Returns section of this website.


For companies and real estate principals that are applying to Keiretsu Forum, Keiretsu Capital can be an additional source of funding. In order to proceed, investments must have first completed due diligence with Keiretsu Forum or with another top tier angel group and be in the process of closing their round. Once these milestones have been met, companies and principals are welcome to apply to Keiretsu Capital.