Keiretsu Forum Global Investor Network Ranked #1 Angel Investor, U.S. Region, by The Angel Resource Institute 2020 HALO Report based on the number of deals – lauds Keiretsu Forum’s leadership presence for both entrepreneurs and investors in key, localized markets.

Keiretsu Forum is known by investors and entrepreneurs alike for its proven approach for originating quality deal flow and success in syndicating early and late-stage investment opportunities around the world.  According to the report, “This year Keiretsu Forum’s participation put them in the top position nationwide for a number of deals in 2020. They also have many chapters across the country – with direct leadership in each region.” 2020 was a banner year for Keiretsu Forum, with the organization achieving a record 300 + fundings (including follow-on fundings) into seed, early-stage, and late-stage companies in 2020. Deal activity increased approximately 16% compared to 2019. Keiretsu Forum deal flow and fundings continue to be diverse across all technology sectors, prop-tech and Real Estate. Life Science, Medical Devices, Environmentally Sensitive/Aware; and solution-driven Technologies attracted a significant amount of capital.


Keiretsu Capitalthe exclusive worldwide fund partner of Keiretsu Forum, continues to be a top-tier funder of late-stage investment deals in the network. The 2020 Halo Report is based on an analysis of 2,198 transactions completed in 2020. The focus of the report primarily focused on Seed and Series A companies. These transactions represented a total of  $4.617B invested, of which $2.84B is clearly Seed or Pre-Seed, and $1.024B is Series A, A1, or a convertible note leading to a Series A. In addition to industry growth in general, the 2020 HALO report pointed to the increasing spread of investors across the US, and the need for angel groups to accommodate investors in those areas. Keiretsu Forum, which has recently launched a number of regional and localized chapters in emerging markets, now boasts 50+ chapters on four continents.


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