Bouxtie Raises More Than $3.5m From Keiretsu Angels

In 2015 Bouxtie raised a seed round of 2 million dollars, and we just recently closed a Series A round of 2.5 million dollars. All together we raised $4.5 million, and including my own money around $5 million dollars in total.

And who did you raise from?

From a group called Keiretsu. The majority of the money I raised through them, around 80 percent, and the 20 percent was from two small VCs in San Francisco.

How did you find the Keiretsu group as main investors?

I spend a month going to all the different groups in Silicon Valley. I sent 275 emails, and met 175 different VCs that said, “You are too small for us, come to us when you have 20 to 30 million dollars.” When I asked, “Can you tell me how I should do that?” Some of those people were nice to me, and some were not. I was told to go to Keiretsu Capital, that maybe they could help me. I met the owner, Randy Williams, and we clicked. I presented there and got the first $400K from their group. They found me a lead investor, and now 80 percent of the investors who invested in Series A round are also investors from the seed round.