Investment Objective

The Keiretsu Capital Real Estate Access Fund began in 2016 and aims to provide its investors with broad exposure to a diverse variety of well vetted, high quality real estate based income producing investment funds and opportunities around the United States.

Our goal is to establish a Real Estate Fund comprised of serious investors, accomplished business professionals and real estate entrepreneurs whose mission is to creatively generate high income return with relatively low risk of capital loss. The Fund will pursue the high income earning potential in these investment opportunities while promoting the sharing of risk inherent in any real estate venture.

The Fund intends to be a premier provider of organized capital for investment in real estate asset based investments including syndications, debt secured by real estate, and pooled investment funds pursuing various real estate based strategies including mortgage pool funds, rental income funds, and other real estate based strategies with high income and/or capital gain potential where the investment proposition is compelling. 

Assets Under Management - $6M

Barry Heninger
Phone: 503-476-1195