Investment Objective

Keiretsu Capital Venture Fund LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Fund”), was formed to invest in a diversified portfolio of high quality early stage companies that have been funded by sophisticated investor networks. Financial events in the last 10 years have created an environment of less Venture Capital funds that have more money to deploy.  This increase in available investment capital in fewer hands is driving the Venture Capitalists that normally would have invested in earlier stage companies to invest larger amounts of capital in more established companies.  This dynamic creates an opportunity to fund quality companies in the building stage of their lifecycle.

The Manager’s deal flow for the Fund is generated from a diverse network including the global network from one of the world’s largest angel investment forums, Keiretsu Forum, other quality established angel networks, Venture Capital networks, and a proprietary list of private investors, executives, corporations, and hedge funds.  The Manager is looking to syndicate on deal flow and targeting deals were the Fund can close out rounds or be a later investor in a round.  The Manager will continuously be hunting for new network partners to help broaden the investment opportunities.

The Manager’s investment strategy for the Fund is based on the premise that with a large diverse network, a void of traditional investors increasing deal flow and compelling valuation, and strong due diligence process investments can be acquired at fundamentally attractive prices that could allow the Fund to realize its objectives for internal rate of return (“IRR”) on invested cash.