Investment Objective:

The evolution of the investment industry has seen a rapid increase in demand for co-investment funds. At Keiretsu Capital, we believe technology-focused angel investment has the potential of generating capital  returns through investment in high-quality emerging growth companies.

Our Co-investment funds allow high-net-worth and experienced individuals with access to superior and diverse investment opportunities funded by the world’s leading angel investors network.

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    Co-investment Funds: Technology Platforms


    Dealum is a technology platform used by Keiretsu Capital as well as many angel groups to centralize information relating to early stage startups. Dealum acts as a pipeline management tool, deal document room, and fosters dialogue and due diligence efforts during review.


    We are delighted to announce that we will be using Carta for all of our equity management within our co-investment funds. Through this partnership, Keiretsu Capital will be able to more efficiently manage equity investments both from our limited partners and for the companies we invest in.

    A number of our portfolio companies are currently using Carta, a platform that allows companies — from formation to IPO — to manage their equity electronically with the participation of their shareholders, employees, auditors, and legal counsel. They’ve built tools and systems that help mitigate compliance risks, reduce inaccuracies, and consolidate equity administration processes.

    Keiretsu Senior Advisor Network

    Keiretsu Capital maintains a senior advisor network of more than 100 experienced industry and technology experts. This network is accessible to Keiretsu Capital portfolio companies’ CEO and senior advisors only.