Syndication Network

Keiretsu Capital’s syndication network allows co-investment partners to access investment opportunities from the world’s leading angel groups and investors and allows the portfolio companies and real estate principals to access follow-on sources of capital from family offices, institutional investors and crowdfunding partners.

Partner Angel Groups

Keiretsu Capital and Keiretsu Forum shares deal flow and co-invests with other top tier angel groups.

Crowdfunding Syndicates

Keiretsu Capital has established syndication partnerships with leading crowdfunding platforms in order to provide seamless access for its portfolio companies who may wish to raise additional capital from crowdfunding investors. Each time Keiretsu Capital invests in a company backed by elite angel groups, we will make available any uncommitted investment opportunity through our crowdfunding syndicates.

AngelList - Where the world meets startups

Back our AngelList Keiretsu Capital syndicate to see great deal-flow with no commitment.

At CircleUp our mission is to help entrepreneurs thrive

We believe that entrepreneurs should have the resources they need to grow. This is why we’ve built the largest online marketplace for investing in innovative consumer and retail companies.

Seed Ups Canada

SeedUps Canada is a Crowdfund investing platform where ordinary investors can invest in great companies offering investments in the Exempt Market. Our platform attracts a wide range of businesses, from seed and start-up stage to more established growth and expanding companies, seeking access to growth capital and a convenient forum to connect with potential investors and other stakeholders.

Front Fundr

Investing in young companies has been limited to angel investors, venture capital firms and wealthy individuals. These investors represent only a fraction of the larger investor community who are excited and have the financial means to participate in growing new companies.

The wider investor community needs a more versatile capital market, supported by innovative technology, in order to participate more fully in the growth of new companies.

We use today’s technology to enable entrepreneurs to raise money from a much larger investor community.

This is an opportunity for seasoned investors and the wider public to come together to directly drive innovation and entrepreneurship. With FrontFundr, both experienced and regular investors are able to exercise a positive influence on businesses they would like to see succeed.

Keiretsu Family Office

Keiretsu Family Office provides exclusive access to the largest proprietary technology deal flow in the world with the

We provide personalized virtual CIO services for Family Offices looking to tap into the Keiretsu Global Network.

Services include:

  • Access to direct investment deal flow

  • Peer-to-peer support groups

  • Due diligence support and resources

  • Online access to proprietary deal flow platform

  • Exclusive events and opportunity exchanges